Lottie's Dungeon is now available for sale for Windows and OSX!

> check out the latest free build here in the browser <

For Sale, but not finished!
I am selling the game as I work on it, as I add more to the game, I will add more to the price. but don't worry, whenever you buy it, you will own all future releases of the game. Plus if you buy it before it is finished, not only do you get it cheaper, but you get to see the game come together, and play it as it is built.

You can check out the latest development news over on the blog.

Current Price: 1.40GBP
Not available for sale right now, will be available again soon.
just busy launching Swift*Stitch right now ;)
(Please make sure the free version runs ok on your computer before buying)
(Also note the purchased version is pretty much the same as the free version right now, but runs outside of the browser. however customers will get builds in advance of when the free version gets updated, and when story mode is added, only the first chapter will be free, and free players wont have access to survival mode when it is added either.)

Present Features:
- Procedurally generated dungeons
- Basic Crafting System
- Enemies with basic AI and Pathfinding
- 5 Spells
- 4 Enemy types
- many Item Types
- Books
- pretty effects
- Music by Steven Lawson
- Customisable Controls
- Gamepad support

Upcoming Features:
- More dungeon types
- Lots more craftable items
- Boss enemies
- Better User interface
- House will have more rooms
- Other characters
- Story Mode
- Survival Mode
- Better sound effects
- LOADS more items
- LOADS more enemy types
- LOADS more new spells
- More music by Steven Lawson
- More!

Download the game as many times as you like, make as many backup copies as you like. even the links to the game file aren't protected. I'm putting my trust in you guys, you seem like honest folk so I'll treat you like honest folk.


Contact Me
if you need to get in touch with me, please use my forum, or email me.
Game by Sophie Houlden with music by Steven Lawson